Dromedarios Mágicos – Dromedarios Mágicos (CST-020)

Este lanzamiento fue un compilado de los dos EP´s de Diego Puerta hasta esa fecha : «Bosque de San Marcos» y «Temporada». 

Diego Puerta, better known as Dromedarios Mágicos , is a 20-year-old folk singer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Armed with an acoustic guitar and his wit, Dromedarios is taking Mexico’s indie scene by storm, one bar show at a time. “I got into this for fun,” he tells me at a crowded bar in Chicago during last weekend’s Ruido Fest. “After I was first featured on Radio Ibero in November [2014], I decided to really go for it. I stopped going to school; I was studying to become a dentist. After four months or so, I started booking shows everywhere because I was new. I’m still new. But people started talking about me and coming to shows, and then the out of town gigs started.”

Though dually based in Chihuahua and Mexico City, Dromedarios doesn’t have a bed to regularly call his own. Last year alone, the singer booked more than 80 shows all over Mexico and the U.S. “Since May [2015], after Festival Marvin, that’s where everything exploded. I played a show for about a thousand people, right after Little Jesus. I figured by the time I got on stage people would leave, but most stayed! I played a new track – new back then at least – and it was my second song of the set, and everyone was singing along. I couldn’t believe it!” The last two years have seen Dromedarios Mágicos release two beautiful folk EPs, Bosque de San Marcos and Temporada, and his current Siempre Joven tour has taken him to cities like Pomona, Chicago, Tijuana, Mexicali, El Paso, and Palm Springs.

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