Las Cruxes / Los Honey Rockets – Split (CST-022)

Los Angeles musician Eduardo Trujillo, who Pastilla fans know as Yayo, has been working non-stop in that band while at the same time creating new music as part of this new project called Las Cruxes, a 6-piece band which includes a drummer from L.A. Witch and a guitar player from the now defunct band, Funeral Party.

Later this month, Las Cruxes will be releasing a new EP on digital formats and they have also teamed up with the Mexican label Cintas to release a double cassette featuring Los Honey Rockets.

We debuted the single, M, earlier this morning on 91.1FM Vocalo (Chicago). Their sound is simply and superbly kick-@ss rock’n’roll. The punky songs are fun and fearless and we’re digging the entire EP and can’t wait for it to be released later this month.

Yayo also sent us a new video from this EP and because Yayo is Yayo we don’t have any details. Not a one. Insert LOL here.

Both the song and video are awesome so check it out. Hopefully we’ll get the name of the song, and some of the band members… eventually. #hopespringseternal

Nota : Mano Magazine

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