Vision – Vision (CST-043)

L.A.’s Vision take a tasty mélange of influences — the sonic crunch of Nirvana, the cheeky sneer of Britpop and the spacey expanse of psych-rock — and throw their own youthful spin on it for their debut record. Tracks like “You Should Know” are hard and blistering, built on steady drones and sly hooks, evoking a rawer Verve as Christopher Valer’s vocals shred through the din. “Inneraction” is looser, raunchier, blowing out Nuggets vibes through a post-punk lens.

Like their Danish brethren in bands like Iceage and Lower, Vision know that approach and energy can be just as engaging as melody or arrangement, finding interesting ways to attack songs like the heady “You Are.” At times they struggle to separate themselves from their forebears — Joy Division-esque song titles like “Control” don’t help — but Vision also never sound less than inspired. With their keen understanding of dynamics, pulling back and unleashing when necessary, Vision speed-skate through well-worn territory and come out with a winning first record.


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